Himalayan salt is the most nutritious, cleanest organic salt and has an almost perfect crystalline geomatric structure. It contains all the elements found in the body. Serving as a natural healing therapy, Himalayan Salt is a natural gift from Allah swt that contains various benefits. According to studies, Himalayan Salt is able to restore enthusiasm and self-confidence only through the absorption of its positive aura.


  • Able to increase metabolic rate / break down fat & cholesterol chains

  • Smooth bile function

  • Important in weight control

  • Can remove toxins & uric acid. Helps treat gout & heel pain

  • Contains cleansing elements and mucus remover

  • Absorbent, prevents bad odors

  • Avoid stomach poisoning

  • Absorbs gas in the stomach

  • Smoothes the nervous system in the body

  • Brightens skin, raises dull and lifeless complexion

  • Treat oily facial skin problems

  • Adding oxygen in the blood is essential to weaken the cancer virus

  • Helps absorption of vitamins more completely

  • Dissolves clots of red blood cells

Salt is known as a good ‘balance’ for the body system. Many use salt only as a seasoning. Understanding the proper use of salt can maintain the taste of salt without losing its nutrients.

Salt will lose its nutrients if reacted at high temperatures. To maintain its nutrition, avoid adding salt when cooking while boiling in a saucepan. Turn off the heat and wait for the temperature to drop first and then just add salt. Mixing salt when eating is very popular with the call of putting salt on the ground as practiced by the Arab community.
Salt consists of SODIUM and POTASSIUM. The body needs potassium. Heated salts will dissolve and damage potassium and leave sodium. The high sodium content in the body allows a person to have high blood pressure. Feeling a pinch of salt to the tongue will be able to activate the digestive enzyme glands.

“Among the practices practiced by the SALAFUSSOLEH is to take salt before tasting food as an appetizer and also as an additional mineral. It is said that its advantages are able to cure MORE than 70 diseases and can prevent sudden death.


The ancients forbade breaking salt at home. It has been believed in society in the past that salt can cure various diseases.

The use of this salt is also associated with Rasulullah ﷺ. However, the narration says that Rasulullah ﷺ felt a pinch of salt on his tongue before eating is not authentic.
There are also those who think that when they arrive at a new place, before eating, take salt first to adjust the hormones in a new place.


  • Soak the shells in salt water so that the stool disappears. In traditional medical theory, something bad is cured originally. Shellfish are derived from the sea and salt is used to neutralize its ugliness (feces).

  • Reduces the salinity of salted fish. Too salty dried fish can reduce its salinity by soaking in salt water as well.

  • Cure gout. Gout is caused by overeating of seafood. People who live near the beach are found burying their bodies in the sea sand so that the tuguh is able to absorb salt. For those who live in the city, RUDE salt is fried and stored in a sick place while the SALT is still hot.

  • Diarrhea can be treated by drinking water mixed with a little salt.

  • Treating travel intoxication. To treat travel intoxication, salt mixed with honey and water and then drink before starting the journey.

  • Salt is used to treat itching. Water mixed with salt is applied to the itchy skin.

  • Increases the body’s IMMUNITY due to local temperature changes. For example, Malaysian students who visit Arabia will experience allergies to temperature changes in new places. Salt water is drunk as an alternative medicine.

  • Get rid of fatigue due to heavy work. Practice rang the Malay traditional farming, paddy or carpentry is by drinking cold water mixed with salt. Therefore, if you look at energetic drinking water like isotonic water in the market, it all contains salt.

  • Avoid the interference of wild animals and subtle beings for those who spend the night in the forest. Traditional medicine practitioners believe that the salt in which certain surahs are recited and sprinkled around the tent is able to prevent the disturbance of wild animals and subtle creatures in the forest.